Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Kitchen Photo Shoot

A special wink for Grammy Noble for my birthday sweater.

Things to do when it won't stop snowing...(part III)

I find all sorts of fun things to do with stickers.

Things to do when it won't stop snowing...(Part II)

I've also been able to "bury" myself in reading

I enjoy reading next to pretty girls like my friend Haddon.

I really like reading with the prettiest girl, my Mom

Things to do when it won't stop snowing...

This winter has been pretty brutal and has kept me indoors for days at a time. But the silver lining is that I've become pretty handy at building luxury residential towers.

2 is better than 1

Being 2 has kept me so busy that I'm only now getting around to updating this site.
Here are some photos from my 2nd birthday party, way back in January.

It wouldn't have been a party without my good friends Matthew, Jacob W. and Jacob L.