Sunday, September 28, 2008

My First Happy Meal

mm-mm, good. I'm lovin' it.

My Trips to the Petting Zoo

Here I am picking up chicks.

Me and Mom, both enjoying the view.

I had so much fun the first time around, I went back with Dad to introduce him to my friends.

Coloring with Jacob

Jacob is much more of a traditional artist, whereas I'm much more abstract and daring.

Getting Ready for the 2016 Olympic Games

Gearing up for my double back flip dismount

Here I am at the US National Training Facility for future Olympians.
This smile should win over the Russian judges.

The Chinese swear I'm old enough for the Olympics, but I keep telling them, "没有谢谢"

I Love It When They Call Me Big Poppa

Throw Your Hands in the Air, If You're a True Playa